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Indian Student Manpreet'sTestimony

Words cannot describe how grateful I am here for helping me out with my IELTS exam.

I only had five weeks to study IELTS and my goal was to get 6.5 in order for me to study

my masters in Canada.

However, with the help of my IELTS tutors, my result was more than I have hoped for. All my teachers were very helpful and approachable. They taught me techniques for listening, writing

and also gave me tips for my reading and speaking. Most of all, improved my confidence.

The diagnostic exams also gave me test taking strategies which were very useful when I took

the actual test.

I even got an award for the best speaker and that was a precious moment for me.

It helped me gain my confidence.

Thanks to my tutors Igota score of 8.5 in the listening exam and a total band score of 7.

I would not be able to make it without you guys. You have all been very kind to me

(especially Miss Myren)God Bless!! I will miss you.

Vietnamese Student Bella’s IELTS Testimony

Hello everyone. My name is Bella. I’m very glad to tell you aboutmy experiences in School.

I spent 14 weeks studying English here and it was a memorable period of time in my life.

Almost tutors here are young, they are friendly and funny.

It is better for you to studyESL and IELTS here because you can communicate in English or practice speaking English easily anywhere and anytime.

Studying here gave me a chance making friends with International people and knew about the Filipino’s lifestyle-x-x.

My friends here helped me overcome missing home. The food here is fine but the local food is really delicious.

At the end of course,my English is improved significantly especially pronunciation.

My IELTS score now is 6.0compared to 4.0 at the beginning.

Chinese Student Jack’s IELTS Testimony